A short bio

Two words about me.

Language, engineering, and involvement

I was born in Italy in the late 50s, trained as an electrical engineer but soon took an interest to languages and communications as I worked for international organizations, travelling extensively in Latin America and Europe.
I have been involved in translation, localization, internationalization, publication for international audiences, training and tuition for over 25 years.
During the course of my career, I have translated several million words of text, I have managed translation departments to high standards, I was a partner of an important Italian translation company for several years, and I have been involved with the lexicographical update and revision of a popular Italian/English Dictionary.

Translation is...

... really mediation, transferring knowledge from a language to another, from a frame of mind to another, from a point of view to another, interpreting cultural differences to reach a clear, common understanding.
lorenzo martinelli

Reliability is not just a slogan. It is the underlying principle by which I work, to communicate clearly your message across cultural and language barriers.
Enabling clients to communicate in Italian quickly and accurately, I provide both businesses and private individuals with professional and utterly reliable Italian translation and Italian tuition services, both in Herefordshire, throughout the United Kingdom, in Italy, and worldwide.

viv martinelli looking from the duomo

I also offer Italian language tuition, and I am available for talks and lectures on language, as well as social and ethical issues.
I work with Viv who, in addition to being a keen gardener, artist, award-winning photographer, and volunteering for a local charity, also provides much-needed balance and keen insights on British cultural matters.

What, how and when!

"One of the underlying principles of my work is that I will be honest and straight-forward with my clients and give them what I promised, when I promised and how I promised."